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I've been marketing for over 25 years.  I was a junior in high school, designing sports programs for the athletic events.  In all my jobs I fit marketing and graphics into it somehow.  

I'm used to multi-tasking, so being a virtual assistant was an easy decision.  I'm blessed to have found my niche helping small businesses.  Whether it's small administrative tasks or large marketing launches, I'm your girl.  Tasks like Excel, Facebook, email marketing, newsletters, and Instagram just to name a few. 

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Initiative and Problem Solving

  • Branding

  • Social Media Marketing

About the 
Office Manager

  • Calendar Management

  • Complex Meeting Scheduling

  • Website Management

  • Customer Service

  • Product inventory

  • Data input

  • Scheduling and sending emails

Social Media Manager

  • Creating Content - written, visual and ads

  • Researching and planning posts on a weekly, monthly and yearly calen


  • Email marketing

  • Printed copy and proofreading 

Graphic Design

  • Digital media

  • Printed booklets, pamphlets or flyers

  • Web design

  • Stock photography for marketing 

Enneagram: 9, The Peacemaker

Strength Finder:  responsibility, strategic, harmony, adaptability and maximizer 

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