• Jaime Walton Dovichi

And suddenly you know..

Well.. here we go! I was creating my business page on Facebook today and hit submit. The power of social media gave me a bit of a push as everyone noticed a little something in their feed.

So here's the story.. I've been working as an office manager at my current job for 13 years now. I love my people and the job, it will be a very sad day when it's time to leave there. I just feel it's time for a change, and I'd like to work for myself. I don't know how long it will take for me to get JD and Company up and running enough that only 1 full-time job will suffice. Obviously I have a long road ahead of me, as I start one while keeping the other.

Some of you may not be familiar with a virtual assistant. I went to school for graphic design, and it's been my passion. With my graphic design background, that will qualify my as a 'creative virtual assistant'. I will work with small businesses that don't necessarily need a full-time admin but could use someone for 10-20 or 30 hours a week or month. I will create branding and marketing, manage social media, data entry, calendar management or customer service.

I have a proposal letter I can email if you, or if there is someone you may know know that could use my services. Companies can be from anywhere in the states as well as local. I currently create social media graphics for customers in Ohio, Illinois and Alabama.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know what you think or if I can answer any questions. This is a very up and coming industry and I'm excited for my future.

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